BuDhaGirl answers this perennial question by introducing BuDhaGirl LUXE.

Luxury at BuDhaGirl is taking the time to create exquisite AWB that are cherished by the owner, not only because they are weightless, soundless, waterproof, TSA proof but now because they are lavishly imbued with semi-precious stones and our gold-dipped silver Serenity Prayer Bead.

Nature brings us the luxury of earth’s majestic hues: the reds in Garnet, the blues of Apatite, the smoke in Hematite, the tenderness of Peach Moonstone, the royalty of Amethyst and the vibrancy of Green Onyx.

Your daily morning and evening Mindful Glamour ritual will be even more meaningful when you take the properties of your chosen gemstone in mind.
Pause. Breathe. Then…Go. Be it.

BuDhaGirl’s Luxe All Weather Bangles are elegantly crafted by our fine-jewelry workshops in Thailand. Seasoned craftsmen turn and polish the sterling silver Serenity Prayer bead that is then dipped in .5 micron of 14kt gold. Totally crafted by hand, touched by over 10 artisans, these bangles will be sold individually hand retail at $185/bangle.  

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